Snow Queen
Israel Museum, Jerusalem 1999-00
glass, TV monitor, video projection

Text by Sarit Shapira

Part of a Russian animated film, The Snow Queen, is at the center of Irina Birger's installation, also entitled The Snow Queen, - a nostalgic passage into the world of folk tales as seen through the cinematic experience of childhood. The scene shown here can be read as an index to the entire story, which depicts the boy Kay's exit from the world into the Ice Kingdom and the palace of the Snow Queen, who represents all that is irrational and lacking in emotion. Kay is eventually redeemed from his imprisonment and returned to the world and the realm of reality with the help of his love, Gerda. Birger brings this tale of dark magic to life by screening her images on, and through, a screen of glass stalactites.

 installation view   Israel Museum, 2000-01